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To Sooth a Lion
It’s late. I know it’s late. I’m tired, but something keeps waking me. Something inside me calls me awake when I start to doze. It warns me of something horrid that may occur.
So I stay awake, my eyes focused on my turian. He’s bathed in the blue glow from the aquarium, the light dances off his plates and highlights his clan markings.
Suddenly he stirs. A turian takes up a lot of space when still, but when in motion they could take up a whole room if they felt like it.
His body trembles, and I wonder what he’s dreaming about. His talons dig into my hip in a painful way. “Garrus, baby, you’re hurting me,” I whisper, hoping he might be just wake enough to acknowledge me. He lets out a cry of what sounds like pain, and what I know is a turian mourning cry.
I pry his talons off. “Garrus,” I call quietly, wanting to just awaken him enough to stop his dream.
He lets out another mourning cry, and another, and another.
I decide to try
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Chimera: Deleted Scene - B-day Request
Garrus peaked out into the mess hall from his place in the main battery. It was silent except for the natural hum of the ship’s core. Slowly, he moved through the ship, finding his way to the kitchen.
“Strawberries,” he muttered to himself, searching the cupboards for the pointed red fruit. “Strawberries,” he muttered again, shoving tubes of dextro-friendly paste aside.
“Bottom drawer, in the fridge, they’re next to the diced watermelon,” said Seraphina, popping her head from around the corner. Her sapphire eyes watched him curiously. “What do you need strawberries for?” she asked, her lips curling upwards softly. She pulled own the fridge, yanked on the bottom drawer, and held the bowl of strawberries out to him.
Garrus’s mind floundered. “Humans like strawberries,” he blurted.
Sera’s smile widened, “True.”
He clicked his mandibles. “I wanted to give them to you,” he said, stabb
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A Very Normandy Christmas: Part Two
"I have something for you," Garrus said, flicking his mandibles in a roguish grin. He held his hands behind his back, leaning back and forth on the balls of his feet. "I think you'll like it."
Rylee smiled, and her emerald eyes smiled with her. "Oh really?" she asked, tipping to the left a little. She'd had just a bit too much to drink. "What'd you get me?"
Garrus tapped her nose gently with the tip of his talon. "Close your eyes," he said softly, in a way that sent shivers up her spine.
She obliged, pressing her eyes shut tight. Her cheeks flushed pink in anticipation.
He raised his right hand over their heads, leaning down so he was a few inches from her face. "Open them," he whispered.
Rylee opened her eyes to find Garrus' own caught on a green collection of leaves with a red bow dangling above their heads.
Around them, the lively banter, singing of old Christmas carols, scents of various Christmas delights, and simply the existence of the crew seemed to drown out. Leaving Garrus an
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A Very Normandy Christmas: Part One
"Explain this to me one more time, Rylee," Garrus said, watching as Kasumi bounced around, hanging up streams of red and green lights. Even Grunt, Zaeed, and Jack came up from the Engineering Deck to join in on the transformation of the Normandy.
Rylee smiled at him in an overly kind way. "Christmas," she said, that smile not leaving her mouth. Her fingers moved again to her head as she clipped in another warm green strip of hair. "It's a human holiday, Garrus. You can celebrate it with the rest of the crew or not. No one will hold it against you either way."
"Is anyone else not celebrating?" he asked, feeling the answer to already be no.
"Miranda," Tali began, helping Chakwas lay a tablecloth on the table in the mess,"said she wasn't going to, but Shepard changed her mind."
"What about Mordin, Thane, and Samara?"
Rylee pointed to Mordin who was studying a mug of something Garrus had discovered to be Eggnog. "It'd just be you, Garbear. Not that it's a bad thing," Rylee trailed off, goi
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When It Raynes: Chapter Five - Different
Rayne had never complained about the crew quarters on Alliance vessels when she first started out. It was sufficient for a woman of her station and it was comfortable enough. But over the past few years she'd become spoiled.
She had private quarters, fish tank, private bathroom, desk, couch, and plenty of space to spare. Now she didn't even have a bunk.
There wasn't much space left over with the full crew. So Rayne found a place to rest wherever she could. The Med-bay a couple of times, borrowed Liara's chair whenever Liara was on missions. She even napped in Nihlus' bunk when it wasn't in use by either Nihlus or Soren. It wasn't the best situation, and it usually wasn't the most comfortable, but it worked.
"Rayne, I'm glad I caught you!" Liara cried out, grabbing Rayne by the arm, "Commander Vakarian wanted to see us in the War Room. He wanted to learn about your people's war against the Reapers. I thought you could show him," she said, waving her hand about in an insinuating manner.
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You're Still an Idiot, Big Brother
"So, let me get this straight. You quit being an idiot long enough to tell her everthing. And somehow managed to dance around the part where you tell her you love her. Is that right?" Solona asked, her moss green eyes boring into him with frustration.
Garrus had been avoiding his sister since he got home. But when a Vakarian sets their mind to something...there's nothing you can do to stop them.
They sat in his room at a stalemate while Garrus silently cursed himself for not locking the door before having some "alone time". Slowly, though, Solana managed to coax out information, and occasionally needed to pause to compose herself. When he asked her what was wrong, she waved him off, saying; "It's a female thing, Taetus. You wouldn't understand."
Garrus rolled his eyes, one of dozens of things he'd picked up from Rylee and the Normandy crew. "Basically," he answered. "Go ahead, Sol. Say whatever it is you've got to say."
He'd been cursing himself every day since he left Ry
:iconlilyalisandra:LilyAlisandra 6 6
ME Doodle: Let's Talk Babies
"What're turian kids like, Garrus?" Rylee asked from her awkward place on the couch. Her head hung over the seat and her back lay on the cushion with her feet straight up against the wall.
To Garrus, this was a feat of flexibility he adored.
"Little terrors," he said honestly, turning to look down at her.
"No way!" Rylee protested. "I thought they'd be like little kittens."
Garrus smiled with a slight flick of his mandibles. "Kittens are little terrors."
At this she narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms in an awkward attempt to be frustrated with him. She wasn't to good at it. What with being upside down and all. "What about you then?" she asked, her voice taking on that challenging tone he heard for dozens of reasons. "Were you a little terror?"
He smiled wider, "Yes. And if I ever have children, they'd be twice as bad."
"Are you saying our children would be mongrels?"
"No," he answered softly. "They'd be little monsters. Can you imagine what a turian-human baby would be like?
:iconlilyalisandra:LilyAlisandra 18 5
ME Doodle: Human
Cracks in a slab of maple wood molded into fringe, mandibles, a nose, little places for eyes, and that odd mouth of his. Shaved chunks from Earth's most frozen glacier shaped into two small, perfectly round eyes. Winding, sinewy branches with bird talons caught on the tips.
Garrus was always quite a sight. But he was something else entirely while he slept.
Rylee liked to think of things to compare him to. Just to see how poetically majestic she could make her predator boyfriend sound.
Tonight he was a tree. Maybe tomorrow he'd be a dinosaur again. Or a very massive, featherless bird. Perhaps a cat even.
But a new thought hit her. And a new game was born from it.
Ash blonde hair would flow messily from his head in curvaceous tendrils. The same piercing glacier blue eyes, but almond-shaped. They'd rest around a beautiful nose that would reside above supple lips.
His teeth would of course be slightly sharper, and his canines would be particularly deadly.
He's retain his height, and gain t
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ME Doodle: Weights
"Grunt," Garrus said, his voice coated with his attempt to not sound the least bit rattled. "What're you doing with Rylee and Kelly?"
"Weight-lifting!" Kelly said, giggling slightly, the way you only could when the blood was rushing to your head so fast you could hear it in your ears.
Kelly went up by her ankles as Rylee came closer to the ground by hers.
The two giggled at the bewildered expression on Garrus' face. Everything seemed funnier now that they were upside down and being used as weights.
Quickly and without much effort, Grunt managed to yank Kelly upwards to grab her by the waist and begin to lift her up over his head while still lifting Rylee up and down by her ankles.
"And this is safe?" Garrus asked, more to keep himself from joining in the fit of giggles than out of actual concern. Rylee had impeccable judgement. If being used as a live weight was dangerous, she wouldn't have volunteered to be one.
Grunt scoffed and moved Rylee so he could hold her by the waist and lift
:iconlilyalisandra:LilyAlisandra 9 10
ME Doodle: Hatred
"Shut up," Rylee Shepard said, gritting her teeth to keep herself from exploding in a fit of biotic rage. Mother or not, Hannah Shepard would be launched across the room like anyone else if Rylee didn't keep her shit together.
"Ry," her mother began, her voice soft. She was attempting to be soothing the way a mother only could. But Hannah had never been good at mothering. One of the reasons Rylee was an only child.
Suddenly Rylee hated her mother for that, too. If she had someone other than her mother...someone else to share this grief with...
A vase flew across the room, shattering in thousands of little shiny pieces. "Don't call me that," Rylee mumbled, her anger only so restrained.
William wouldn't have put up with this. He would've started to yell, cut himself off, apologize, and then demand Rylee sit and mull things over alone. It might've resulted in a few more broken objects, sure. But less hurt feelings and much less anger.
But her father was not here. And that in fact was the
:iconlilyalisandra:LilyAlisandra 4 1
Promise: Chapter One-Hey
Garrus was always a glass half empty kind of guy. Maybe that's why Melanie was so interesting to him in the first place. Maybe the pessimist in him secretly craved for someone so optimistic. He would never know, and honestly it didn't matter why he met her. It only mattered that he did.
He'd never really been interested in humans. They were squishy and fragile and so very strange. That's all he'd ever seen in the odd little humans.
It didn't stop him from packing up his shit and moving to their Homeworld, though. A lot of different races moved to Earth. Mostly because they found humans interesting, of course.
Garrus' reasoning for leaving Palaven was much more selfish.
His father Aurik kept pushing for him to join C-Sec, and follow in his footsteps. Garrus had another idea. And drowning in rules and regulations didn't fit into the picture.
So he packed his things and caught the next ship to Earth. Nehara—his mother—was upset to say the least, but understood her son's need to get away.
:iconlilyalisandra:LilyAlisandra 7 7
When it Raynes: Chapter Four-Strange
"We didn't know what you humans ate, so we just decided the food T'soni eats should work. I hope it's not disgusting. Asari are weird," Nihlus placed the plate before her. "Cooking their meat before eating it…disgusting," he muttered.
Turians usually eat their meat raw and bloody, like a fresh kill. Not that they didn't eat other things, they just didn't cook meat. It was one of the things that startled Rayne about Garrus the first time she saw him tearing into a chunk of varren, blood dripping from his mouth. He promised to use a knife and fork from then on.
Rayne shrugged, "Humans like their meat cooked."
"And here I was thinking humans could be cool squishy creatures," Nihlus quipped, burying his knife into the vibrantly pink flesh.
"You thought humans could be cool? What gave you that stupid idea?" Rayne asked, cutting her own varren meat.
Nihlus made an odd clicking noise; something Rayne knew was the vocalization of a human shrug, "I've seen you move. You look like you could
:iconlilyalisandra:LilyAlisandra 2 7
When It Raynes: Chapter Three-Silence
Rayne had spent the past six hours worming and squeezing her way through the insides of the Normandy, and then worming and squeezing her way back out with the one hundred fifty pound body of the ship's AI, EDI. Now Rayne Shepard was sitting in the med bay watching Commander Garrus Vakarian turn the pretty little AI's body back on.
Granted, it was fascinating to watch him—big claws and all—work so delicately on intricate machinery.  He'd not only managed to get her working again, but he'd managed to make EDI giggle; even Rayne found herself laughing as well. She'd traveled to an alternate universe where humans were the dominant race of the galaxy and cruelly erased by synthetics. Then she was preserved so she could shepherd the primitives and hopefully end the brutal cycle of the Reapers. On top of it all, her turian was leading the primitives the way she had back where she came from.
It was awfully ironic that her badass turian sniper fiancé was p
:iconlilyalisandra:LilyAlisandra 8 7
ME3: Damaris and Evelyn
Evelyn had spent the past week in the noisy, crowded, and rather depressing refugee camp hoping to see her mother and father again. She'd pray to whatever gods she thought would listen, and wish on every little eyelash. She'd even taken on a strange habit of pestering the young turian C-Sec Officerthat spent the majority of his time behind a desk.
Damaris had spent the past few nights checking up on the blonde refugee girl. He'd find himself wandering over to the cot she'd called hers to make sure she was alright. Once he even stood sentinel by her bed. He never really bothered to make up an excuse for why he'd become so interested in taking care of the human.
Sometimes, back home with her family, Evelyn would see turians passing through their little colony. They'd always interested her. Their bird-like bodies and beautiful face paint. Especially the males. They always had such long, glorious fringe. When she was honest with herself, she was enthralled by their grace and confidence.
:iconlilyalisandra:LilyAlisandra 6 18
When It Raynes: Chapter Two-Scars
It's not the hum of the ship vibrating through her skull that wakes her. Nor is it the unbelievable softness of the mattress conforming to every line and curve of her body. It's not even the obnoxious noises coming from the lizards in the tank embedded in the wall.
No, it's something else. Something much, much quieter. And a thousand times more painful.
It's the fact that she's alone in bed, without her turian that wakes Commander Rayne Shepard and forces tears to well in her eyes.
Choking down the sorrow, Rayne climbs out of the bed and looks around.
The room resembles her cabin on the Normandy with many of its key features changed. Her fish tank is waterless and instead houses half a dozen lizards that she knows are native to Palaven only because they've been Garrus' favourite since he was young. The glass above the desk isn't home to a variety of ship models, but a rather vast collection of guns, some of which she remembers the names of. Even her bed is now replaced with some
:iconlilyalisandra:LilyAlisandra 5 4
When It Raynes: Chapter One-Awakening
Shepard let out a strangled cry of pain as she rolled off what she believed to be her bed onto what she thought was the floor. She screamed, her lungs burning for air. Shepard began inhaling and exhaling at a normal rate. Trying to force herself off her face, her muscles betrayed her, screaming at her with their soreness. She cried out again, but not in pain. In confusion.
"Where am I?!" she shouted, looking around. She was not in her cabin. She wasn't even on the fucking ship.  She forced her way through her memories. And a million different things flashed through her mind. Things she knew were true, and things that felt like they should've been memories, but only passed as dreams.
She let out another confused cry. Forcing herself to ignore the pain, she rose up on her arms, fighting to sit. When the task was completed, she came face to face with a maroon skinned turian with elaborate white clan markings.
Her eyes grew wide and she kicked herself back away from him. This ear
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I'm Seriously Crying....You have to read this!

Journal Entry: Fri May 3, 2013, 3:17 AM
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I was skimming the KinkMeme looking for some good Kink or comedy before bedtime and I ran across a story about Thane, FemShep, and Garbear. This one to be exact:… And I cried. I haven't cried because of a story in a long, long time. It was just so...perfect.

I never let any of my Shepards let Garrus kill Lantar. I thought it was because I just like Lantar and turian murder makes my inside hurt. But I....*BAWLS*...Thaaaannnneeee you poor baby!

Anyway it never really hit me that...I stand in Garrus' scope like Irikah did with Thane. *BAWLS AGAIN* I'm going to probably hit the hay and tomorrow after school I'll take care of When It Raynes and then write some sort of inspired story because of that.

If you'll excuse me I must pick up my heart, mop my tears, and gather my feels.


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